The reading I got from Catherine was exactly what I needed to hear. As a teacher, she is experienced and knowledgeable and everyone is taken care of.

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April 30, 2015 |

Healing Touch Association Conference

 Twenty five years ago the first Healing Touch class in Canada was held.  Last weekend instructors, practitioners and students from across Canada met in Nanaimo for our biennial meeting. It was wonderful to meet with old friends; slipping into conversations that felt like they were begun just yesterday and would be continued tomorrow, and getting to know new colleagues. Dr Robbie O’Dwyer spoke at our instructor meeting about his complementary practice and the modalities he has studied over the last few years.  He let us through some healing meditations that were powerful  and it was wonderful to have a member of the allopathic medical community talking about healing from the energetic perspective. It was...

February 11, 2015 |

Energetic Protection

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about protecting yourself energetically lately.  Its as if people think they need to put some kind of energetic protection around themselves to keep out energy that is bad or toxic. So they put up symbols, wrap themselves, and create all kinds of energetic cages designed to keep other energy out. There are all kinds of problems with this.  This is like working from the outside in to keep yourself safe, and you always have to be redoing it because its bound to fall apart sooner or later.  It is hard to keep that protection up there all the time.  It never gets any easier because you are just...

November 1, 2014 |

I’m doing the free hearings for the Intuitive Mind Program this month.  It is inspiring to be able to connect with folks all over the world and offer a bit of healing energy.  You can request a free healing through the website  Write in with information about what you would like the healing to focus on.  hearings are done Monday and...

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